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When a packet arrives at the OpenFlow switch from an input port (or, in some cases, from the controller), it is matched against the flow table to determine if there is a matching flow entry. The following match fields associated with the incoming packet may be used for matching against flow entries: Nov 24, 2020 · Match fields: A part of a flow entry against which a packet is matched. Match fields can match the various packet header fields. If no match information is provided for a field; a wildcard is used. Action: An operation that acts on a packet. OpenFlow Pipeline OpenFlow 1.0 to 1.1 1.0 Flow Table Header Fields Counters Actions Priority. 1.1. Match Fields Priority Counters Instructions Cookie ..... New Data Structure in Pipeline. media data packet Action Set. Group ID Type Counters Action Buckets.....

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openflow.serviceの準備 ... We will deliver articles that match you. ... you can catch up information on technical fields that you are interested in as a whole. Feb 01, 2019 · match-fields are the match-fields of flow tables, which details are given in the OpenFlow specification [14]. They contain several header fields to match against the header of data packets. The match fields can help specify application services (for example, protocol=TCP port=80 is specified "http" service). OpenFlow is currently in its evolving stage and many versions of its specification exist like OF 1, OF 1.1, OF ... each of which consists of match fields, counters and

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header match fields and forwarding actions OpenFlow in one slide 4 OF Control Platform (e.g. Floodlight, Ryu, Trema, yanc) Control Application Switch with OF Interface n class Forwarder < Controller def packet_in dpid, message flow_mod(message.match, PORT_5) packet_out(message, PORT_5) end end match={dst.ip==}, action={output: 5}

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Matching Header Fields • Current version 1 of OpenFLow only does field matching. • In newer versions, instead of matching the header field, OpenFlow will specify: (bit_offset, length, pattern) • Why? To take advantage of underlying switch hardware that might be able to do bit matching for faster packet processing. Those strategies are possible because OpenFlow rules can use wildcards to match packet header fields, such as IP addresses. The authors in [ 45 ] used a five-element tuple consisting of TCP/IP header fields (source IP, destination IP, transport layer protocol, TCP port and TCP port of the destination) with aggregation of those fields to ...