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Our Math worksheets cover many different elementary school levels. If one practice worksheet is too easy, most pages have several higher level options. If it is too hard, choose one with more tracing, copying, or practice. Find the Goldilocks perfect level that's just right for your children. With answer keys included where applicable. Math Worksheets Examples, solutions, and videos to help GCSE Maths students learn how to read distance-time graphs and speed-time graphs. The slope of a distance-time graph is velocity. The slope of a speed-time graph is acceleration. The following diagram shows examples of distance-time graphs. Distance-Time Graph Worksheet 1 1. John left his and walked 3 blocks to his school, as shown in the accompanying graph- What is one possi± interpretation of the section of the graph from point B to point C? (1) John arrived at schocd and stayed throughout the day. (2 Ohn waited before crossing a busy street.

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Free worksheet (pdf) on Distance vs Time graphs, with several engaging problems and an online component. Distance Vs Time Graphs Worksheet and Activity.

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Jun 12, 2018 · You can find the speed from a distance/time graph by calculating the slope. The steeper the slope, the faster the object is moving. Below are some websites you can look at: Graphs of Motion Graphs of Motion: Distance-Time & Velocity-Time graphs Di... Graphing Proportional Relationships - Example2. Another common example of directly proportional relationships is that between time and distance when travelling at a constant speed. The graph below shows the relationship between distance and time for a vehicle travelling at a constant speed of 30 miles per hour. Time - prepositions worksheet. Place and time - handout. Time prepositions - handout. Time and place - exercises. List or prepositions - pdf. Grammar lessons / rules.

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Draw a distance vs time graph that depicts the journey of the helicopter . Create a distance vs time graph illustrating her journey . Part II Answers to the first 2 problems. TEACHERS: Feel free to make copies of this worksheet for the sole purpose of use in your own classroom.